Accounts and Plans Available

Below is a list of accounts and plans that you can use around campus.

Campus Cash Account

Ram Bucks

Ram Bucks is an account that is accessed through your Ram e Card. You can never spend more than the amount on your account. With using Ram Bucks there are no worries about bounced checks, credit card bills, or interest payments.


All meal plans come with $250.00 in Flex and may be used at any ARAMARK sponsored dining location on campus. Funds on your Flex account carry over from semester to semester as well as year to year, but are non-refundable upon graduation from the university.

Flex Rollover

7 Meals Per Week

9 Meals Per Week

12 Meals Per Week

14 Meals Per Week

19 Meals Per Week


Ultimate 21

Travel Insurance Payments

Ultimate Lawrence

Meal Rollover